Dr. Constantin Stan

Member of the Romanian Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery Society, member of the European Academy for Cosmetic Surgery (EACS), member of the French Society for Aesthetic Surgery (FSAS), member of the North-American Academy for Cosmetic and Re-constructive Surgery, member of honour of the South American Academy for Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Stan graduated the School of General Medicine within the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in IASI with the qualification "magna cum laudae".

In 1991 he was granted the title of registrar in cervical and facial surgery and in ORL surgery, at the end of a 4-year training term attended in the clinic of Professor Dr. D Hociota within Panduri Hospital in Bucharest.

In 1997 he became a first physician, specialised in ORL and cervical and facial surgery and since then he has performed only aesthetic surgery in private centres.

During all these years, Dr. Stan attended several supra-specialising courses in Romania but mainly abroad, whose peak was the Master's Degree in Aesthetic Surgery at the University in Milan, Italy, within the School of Plastic Surgery, in university year 2000-2001 (Professor Donatti and Professor Pellegrini).

In 2003 Dr. Stan started his second specialisation training in Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery, in the clinic of Professor Dr. Ioan Lascar in Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest.

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